Life stories

Health: Improving Maternal and Child Health Care in the Remote Mountains of Bolivia

“While most women would like to use contraceptives, the men think that their use will encourage their wives to have a sexual relationship with other men.” – Dr. Ángel Fernández, Director of a Bolivian Hospital

HIV: Prevention Through Respecting Customs and Playing Sports

“My husband just thinks I’m taking tablets for another illness,” explains Marina. “If he finds out [I’m taking contraceptives], he will leave me.”

WASH: Preventing Menstruation Myths From Threatening the Education and Wellbeing of Bolivian Girls

“I don’t do physical education as I’m scared I will stain my school uniform.”

Nutrition: Baby-friendly Hospitals Prove Popular as They Help Babies Thrive

“Not only are these children missing out on the health benefits of breastmilk but young children’s lives are being put at risk. Diarrhoea and respiratory infections are the two main causes of infant deaths in Bolivia; these preventable diseases can be dramatically reduced by breastfeeding.”

Education: Overcoming Barriers to Education in Remote Mountainous Regions

“It had been my dream to have an education.”

Protection: Providing a Family Life to Abandoned and Abused Children

“Most of the children have been abandoned or abused; some are victims of sexual violence.”

Knowledge: Promoting an Integrated Social Protection System to Protect the Most Vulnerable Children

“Some customers discriminate against me and say my hands are dirty.”